We are excited to announce that the Hot Club of Cowtown and Elana James have been included in the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA)’s highly competitive “Texas Touring Roster” for the next two years, from September 1, 2024 through August 31, 2026.

The Texas Touring Roster is a way for Texas venues and buyers to get subsidies from the Texas Commission on the Arts to present hand-picked, highly-accomplished Texas artists to perform shows at local venues throughout Texas, as well as perform workshops, outreach, rural tours, and more.

A little about this program, from the TCA website:

“The Texas Touring Arts Program is designed to ensure that all Texans have the ability to enjoy performances by outstanding Texas-based companies and artists in their own communities. The Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) provides grants to help with the costs of bringing in companies and artists from this roster for performances. Performing arts companies and artists from throughout the state apply to be included on the Texas Touring Roster.

These artists must have a history of touring and must be willing to travel outside of their community to do a performance. They are also required to maintain a reasonable fee range. Evaluators with expertise in touring arts evaluate applicants to this program. TCA has prepared a wealth of application resources, all linked in the program guidelines. We recommend that potential applicants review all these resources.

For more information on how to participate in this program as a venue or buyer, please visit this link: https://www.arts.texas.gov/touring-artists-wc/