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No Depression Review

by Amos Perrine
Wild Kingdom
September 27, 2019
Despite having a loyal following, how this Austin trio remains under so many other folks’ radar is a mystery to me. For the uninitiated, they take the basic premise of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli’s Hot Club of France, ground it in western swing, mix in some Pink Martini and Manhattan Transfer, and make the most elegant uptown roots music you will ever hear. This, their 11th album over a 20-year span, is their most toe-tapping, lyrically catching ever—and I have heard them all.
Elana James, the band’s primary songwriter, vocalist, and violinist, outdoes herself with “Near Mrs.,” an enticing play-on-words song in which she also displays her eloquent playing. In the other direction, the violin becomes a bluegrass fiddle on the gospel-like “Last Call” and High Upon the Mountain,” and then Cajun with “Tall Tall Ship.” Taking nothing away from Whit Smith and Jake Erwin, these are just some of the nuggets on this superb album of 11 originals and 3 standards.